TCT Spirits
Loyalty & Faithfulness Loyalty to TCT GROUP and TCT CUSTOMERS.
Professionalism TCT manufactures and markets its products with professional techniques and know-how.
Excellent Quality TCT undertake the responsibility of guaranteeing excellent quality through the training program for staff members.
Creation & Efficiency Create growth through continued product development and improved efficiency.
Everlasting Operation Long term business planning.
Global View Internationally expanding and developing.
TCS Policy
Drilling Machine
Hole Position Checking Machine
TCT set up TCT Tech. Center (including Tech. Service Dept. & Tech. R&D Dept.) equipped with drilling machine, routing machine hole position checking machine & cross section equipment... etc. to provide tech. support to our customers. Through the communication and interaction with customers TCT has the ability to custom made the special tools to improve the drilling quality and lower the cost for our customers.
TCS Policy
TCT always maintains sufficient stocks to meet the requirement of the customers and guarantee ˇ§no shortageˇ¨ to our customers.
TCT Services
1. From order to delivery, it will be completed within 24 hours.(standard products)
2. E-mail ordering will simplify the ordering process with efficiency.
3. For urgent order, TCT offers quick turn-around service to any location in the world.
4. TCT provides total service to our customers including ring setting/repointing/ring depth adjustment/cleaning/pack marking.